How The FishPond Net Made It’s Way Home

Let me start with a back story first.  Don Nichols, a retired fishing guide with more fishing knowledge in his pinky finger, and I met and work together through the Texas Chapter of Reel Recovery.  Adon-fish week ago we were discussing an upcoming retreat that we both are playing a part in and during the conversation Don mentions that he was fishing the Brazos River below Possum Kingdom dam and had lost his camouflage FishPond net.  Don was beside himself and rightfully so, this FishPond net wasn’t cheap, like $150.00 and it catches fish; I have seen the pictures!  He was a good sport about it, even saying, “you know, who ever finds it probably needs it more than me.”  I don’t know about you but, that’s a pretty great view on life; never the less it still doesn’t make this an easy pill to swallow.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these fish catching FishPond nets like Don’s, please use this link Fishpond Nomad Mid-length Net – Drift Camo, we need beef jerky road trip money for Louisiana next week!

A couple of days later I was checking the Texas Fishing Forum’s fly fishing sub-section and saw a thread that read, “Net Found” and I stopped dead in my tracks, then had to read it.  As I clicked on the link I thought, “no way, I wonder if this was Don’s net.”  FWBanger, his forum name, had the following post, “A buddy of mine that’s not on the forum found a net in the Brazos below PK this morning. If you can describe it he’ll return it to you. Send me a pm if you think it’s yours.”

I immediately sent a private message to FWBanger letting him know that I have a buddy that had lost a camouflage FishPond net on that Monday, then I turned around and called Don.  When Don answered I didn’t even say, “hello,” I just blurted out, “I think we found your net!!!”  Needless to say Don was pretty stoked about this possibly being his fish catching FishPond net!  He gave me more details about the net, which I sent a follow up private message to FWBanger……you know more details the better right?  I tell ya, waiting on the return message seemed to take a life time but in actuality it was only 2 hours and 52 minutes, LOL!

don-and-eddieThe response was short, sweet and music to my ears; FWBanger replied, “that sounds like it. send me his phone # so my buddy can give him a call.”  I honestly can’t describe how happy I was to read this and to be able to reunite Don and his net; okay call me goofy but, to see humanity work together in a world of so much “me first” and chaos…..well, it shows there are still folks that care and do the right thing.

So to finish the story of how the FishPond net made it’s way home.  Don and FWBangers buddy, Eddie, made arrangements to meet up so Don could get his net the next day.  Don being the Reel Recovery company man that he is, started to recruit Eddie to be a Fishing Buddy at our next Reel Recovery retreat!  Why wouldn’t you want a guy that cares about others to hang out as a fishing buddy / guide for a guy that is fighting cancer?  Don and Eddie went fishing the following week and caught a ton of rainbow trout and I even bet that FishPond net got used.

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