Fly Fish TX simply put, is our time on the water.  My name is FishyB (Brent) and my best fishing budding, my son, is Knuckles (Nick).  We are sharing our fly fishing, conventional fishing, and kayaking fishing tips, tricks and trips with you.  Our goal is to bring you along to experience next level fishing through our videos, photos and stories!

Nick and I keep things real, in other words, we have good days and bad days on the water and weflyfishtx-fishyb-and-knuckles share it all; including the take away of what we learn and experience while out.  Passing on information and educating readers is important to us; perhaps we can save you some headaches or frustration, since we have probably already been there, done that and got matching t-shirts.

Besides education, conservation and fishing community involvement are other areas we feel passionate about, so you will see posts around these topics too.  We need to keep the environment clean so the next generation of fishermen and women can enjoy the waters and continue fishing!  Your local fishing community is a great way to get invaluable information about places to go, flies to use and helps establish what we have found to be great life long relationships.

Nick and I rarely ever fish Sunday mornings; our family is actively involved with our awesome church, Fellowship Church!  Nick interns in the student ministry (THE MIX) a couple of days every week and on the weekends in many capacities.  Our daughter is the rocker of the family and plays bass guitar at many of the campuses on the weekends and weekly at THE MIX.  My lovely and beautiful wife and I volunteer every week on the usher team and every other week at one of the prison ministry campuses.  In case you didn’t know, fishing is a biblical sport but, serving and praising in the house is just as important!

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