Liked Sites

Reel Recovery provides weekend paid fly fishing retreats for men that are currently fighting cancer or have beat cancer. These retreats are located all across the United States, if you know a guy in this situation, check out the site. They won’t be sorry they attended.  We are pretty partial to this organization and are very active in the Reel Recovery Texas chapter.

Orvis Fly Fishing News is a great resource for any of your fly fishing needs, from gear to trip reviews and many awesome videos on tying to trips and interviews; check out Streamers Inc.!  Orvis is really into conservation, non-profit sharing and local fly fishing community, so they aren’t all about the money to their bottom line.  Nick and I work closely with Orvis Dallas and their Fly Fish 101.

Gink and Gasoline is headed up by four righteous fly fishing dudes and crank out great articles on various topics including gear reviews and tips and tricks to help you out with your fly fishing!  You will find many great videos too in G&G TV.  They have many awesome giveaways, so make sure to keep an eye out and enter for a chance to get some new and cool fly fishing gear.

If you are looking for a community of avid fly fishing gurus, then checkout the MidCurrent website.  MidCurrent is a collection of information, photos, books, videos and trips from fishermen and women from all over the place; sharing their experiences, tips and tricks in one extensive location.  They have an awesome newsletter that they send out too, so make sure to subscribe!

The Fly Fish Journal is a legitimate go to for great in depth magazine and online articles.  They cover fly fishing culture, community, travel and interviews with tiers, photographers to field trips to awesome locations for behind the scenes information.  The photography and videos are hands down some of the best we have seen; very professional.

Urban Trout is the extreme in promotion of urban area streams and rivers through education and conservation.  Their goal is to promote awareness for cleaning up the rivers and streams in towns and cities, so trout and other freshwater fish can return to the urban areas.  They even put 10% of the proceeds from the sale of their own swag into various river restoration projects.

The Swift Fly Fishing blog is owned by Epic, a New Zealand based company that makes kits and complete rods from fiberglass; yes, fiberglass is coming back.  Make sure to check out the ghost wrapping on the guides, it’s sick!  Not only do they make rods, they have a well balanced blog that covers everything from improving your cast to guides in awesome locations.

The Fly Fisherman is a solid source of information for conservation to fly patterns through great articles, photography and videos.  Their content covers saltwater to freshwater reviews and guides, so every fishermen and women is covered by Fly Fisherman!  Check out the hardcopy magazine as well; we don’t think you will be disappointed.


Drowning Worms is a blog by fisherman just like you, and covers everything you would expect it to cover, like tackle reviews, fishing reports and tricks to catching fish!  Their posts are from all over the place, so you will surely find something worth reading.  You heard right, “fishermen just like you”, they are open to contributions so anyone can be an author in Drowning Worms!